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Hi, I’m Katherine Olsen. A beach bum and a self-confessed food addict. And creative, healthy recipes are my specialty. I love easy to make dishes, and I want to help you love it too. Because good food is always better when shared in good company. Between keyboard strokes, I’ll be snacking, finding new ways to enjoy favourite ingredients, and winding down with my Mini Goldendoodle, wine in hand.

Growing up, one too many predictable dinners were served. Naturally, I spent supermarket trips hoarding snacks into the shopping cart. Each one promised something interesting between meals, especially on Fridays. Through the years, I started learning to channel cravings into healthier, homemade options. It’s safe to say I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle free of wondering “what simple dish is for dinner tonight?”. As such featured recipes are often under 500 calories, under 45-minutes to make, and include fresh fruits and vegetables.

My mission here is to provide you with flavorful reasons to attempt to turn into a chef. Or at least, enjoy homemade meals as much as takeout and store-bought snacks. It’s my hope, following along in your kitchen, becomes a shame-free adventure of finding your balance between healthy and sweet-tooth indulging (like it did and does for me).

Welcome to Simply Fresh Dinners! Besides losing weight and healthier diet benefits, Simply Fresh Dinners recipes are full of fresh produce, gluten-free, low fat, and low sugar. I also never hold back on detailing the health benefits of selected ingredients. All recipe how-tos find natural alternatives to processed sugars and preservatives. Built with an emphasis on easy replication by recommending foodstuff you’d often have at home. And including helpful suggestions perfect for ingredient substitutions. So, it’s less overwhelming to think of different, healthy meals to share with your family.

Ready to do right by their body without giving up appealing flavors? Head on over to the blog. Browse by recipe type – vegan, vegetarian, snacks and drinks, and more.

If you have suggestions or questions, comment away! I love it when you read and try any of my recipes. I look forward to chatting with you.

Here’s to laughs and clean eating!

Meet the team

Katherine Olsen

Katherine Olsen. A beach bum and a self-confessed food addict, writer, and photographer behind Simply Fresh Dinners.

Katherine is an obsessed foodie, keto advocate, and mom of two sharing the best low carb keto recipes.

Tim Foster

Tim Foster, Technical SEO Manager and Digital marketer here at Simply Fresh Dinners.

Tim has been doing online marketing for 10 years now, with a great focus on technical SEO.

He specializes in On-Page SEO, SEO Optimization, SEO Audit, White Hat Backlinks, Schema Markup, Retargeting & Copywriting.

John Fitt

John Fitt is a nutrition and health writer, blogger, and researcher, with a Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition. He also has a strong background in research and clinical nutrition.

John is passionate about educating the public about whole foods nutrition, wellness, fitness, and cooking.

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