Disclaimer And Disclosure

Simply Fresh Dinners is not a medical organization and does not provide medical advice. The content provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Therefore, it is not intended to be used as medical advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for the medical advice, evaluations, or treatments of a licensed physician.

Please note that we recommend you seek and make use of medical advice from a licensed physician or health care professional before deciding to make any changes to your current diet using the content provided on this website. The publishers, writers, editors, and nutritionists of Simply Fresh Dinners will not be liable for any indirect or direct damages, injury, mishap, or detrimental consequences procured from your engagement in activities and the use of ideas presented on this website.

How We Define a “Healthy Recipe”

The recipes published on our website have been developed and provided for adults with generally good health. These individuals’ health is free from the risk of any reaction from specific allergies and any other health or medical concern. Particular recommendations for healthy eating based on recent updates on dietary recommendations from the USDA and various other accredited health organizations have been provided on our website.  These recommendations provided on our website have been evaluated and reviewed by registered medical professionals, including a dietician nutritionist.

Our recommendations specifically outline factors that contribute to healthy eating, including the maximum amount of sodium, calories, and saturated fat that should be used in each recipe. These recommendations and specifications are how we determine and define a healthy recipe.

If a complete meal is made using the recipes, you should not exceed your intake of the maximum amount of sodium, calories, and saturated fat once the recommendations are followed. To assist you in quickly finding recipes that are ideal for your dietary needs, we identify our recipes with “weight-loss,” “heart-healthy,” and “low carbs.” We may label our recipes or introduce certain ingredients and cooking methods as “heart-healthy,” “weight-loss,” or “low-carbs.” While these identifications are formed on particular macro and micronutrients, these identifications must only be used as a reference.    

How We Calculate Nutrition in Recipes

The nutritional content and value of our recipes are calculated at an estimate using online apps and software. However, a minimal number of inconsistencies in the nutrition information provided may contain minimal inconsistencies in using different nutrition calculators. These inconsistencies may be seen in the middle and at the end of the articles (calories: +-10, saturated fat: +-1g, sodium: +-10mg). However, these differences are nutritionally negligible and are unable to nullify the health claims made in the articles.

Due to the changes in ingredients, the nutritional values of the foods found on our website may differ. The nutritive values of the foods made can fluctuate following modifications to the ingredients. The ingredients’ changes may be related to product origin and type, processing, freshness, etc. The ingredients used in the recipe should be calculated to acquire accurate and specific nutritional information.

However, the complete responsibility is yours to ascertain your recipes’ accurate nutritional content and information.

The Nutrition Information We Provide

Our healthy eating recommendations are frequently updated to reflect research, developments, and dietary and nutritional standards changes.

We make it our aim to remain neutral and current in the information provided on our website. This information includes the risks and benefits of consuming the foods listed on our website and, if put to practical use, may or may not affect or influence your decision to prepare and consume these foods.

Studies and research found from accredited health and medical organizations have been used to support the recommendations made on our website about dietary nutrition. These recommendations are based on evidence provided on public online records and can be attained by our readers if one wishes to obtain more information related to nutrition. Also, references to our claims can be located on various reliable third-party websites.

However, despite being carefully selected, these websites may present changes to their content that may have inconsistencies, which we may not control or predict. We will not be liable and will not validate any such information from these websites channeled through our site.   

Whom Our Recipes And Nutritional Information Are Intended for

Our developed recipes offer health/nutrition information for adults with generally good/normal health who have no allergies or medical concerns.

Please do not use the recipe if you are allergic or have had any type of reaction or associated medical emergency or situation to any of the ingredients.

You are urged to seek consultation with a licensed and registered medical professional before preparing and consuming any of the meals, therefore applying changes to your current diet.

Safety Disclaimer

The website’s content includes: buying guides, kitchen maintenance tips, recipes, cooking tips, product reviews, and instructions and tips related to various kitchen and household equipment and appliances.

It is our aim and of our best interest to provide our readers with current and accurate information which they can put to practical use. However, our readers must note that the content provided is a precise reflection of the knowledge, understanding, and personal opinions of the writer/s and the editors, and its intended purpose is for general informational purposes.

Our content is not intended to replace or substitute does not replace, and should not be construed or assumed as consultation from a licensed professional.

We urge our readers to consult qualified professionals and check the local regulations prior to making a decision to purchase, install, or use an appliance.  We are not liable for errors or omissions in the contents offered by Simply Fresh Dinners.

You agree not to assert any claims, pursue legal action, or make allegations against us, the owners, writers, editors, publishers, and our affiliates at Simply Fresh Dinners, for any damages and injuries resulting from your indulgence in activities or pursuit of ideas presented and published by Simply Fresh Dinners.

If You Have Questions or Concerns About a Product

We recommend and encourage our readers to contact the manufacturer for any queries or concerns regarding the assembly, disassembly, installation, usage, storage, maintenance, or disposal of a product.

Usage of products that can potentially affect the health or safety of yourself or others residing in your household may require professional help. The installation, use, or disposal of products may also pose a challenge or other safety concerns. In these cases, we urge our readers to seek and consult a licensed professional to attain professional assistance.

Advertising And Affiliate Disclosure

We work closely and regularly with other businesses to finance and publish our content and activities.

Some of the links in our editorial content are affiliate links, which also have a unique tracking code. These links are strategically placed to make them as useful and practical to the readers as possible. Whenever the links are followed, and a purchase is made, Simply Fresh Dinners will receive a commission. When you follow these links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission from the business. On any post or page where there is an affiliate link, a disclosure can be found at the top.

All prices of the product remain the same whether or not it is an affiliate link. Any product that may be featured on our website by any other business through affiliate links is chosen independently and impartially by our team while following the Product Review Procedure. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Guest posts, promotional posts, or sponsored external links in our editorial content will not be accepted or endorsed.

The word “Advertisement” and framed editorial content are used for advertisement banners for products or services on our website so that they can be specifically differentiated. Products or advertisements that endorse religion, drugs, dating, weapons, race, pornography are not tolerated.

It is important to note that clicking on these links provided on our websites will directly take you to the products and services’ owner/provider.  Simply Fresh Dinners has no control or assumes any type of responsibility for the content of these websites, and we do not approve, endorse or assume responsibility for any services, products, or ideas presented by these websites.

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In our website’s editorial content, non-promotional links to other websites are included. Simply Fresh Dinners does not endorse or approve of any of the products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization, or individual. Therefore, these links are provided and intended for informational/educational purposes only.

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Please read the external site’s privacy statement and contact them if you have any questions regarding its content.

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