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Is The Hexclad Pan Worth Buying? (Testing Pictures Included)

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Every kitchen needs a good non-stick pan. It’s perfect for making delicate foods like eggs, seafood, vegetables and just anything that cooks best on medium or low heat. While I’ve had quite the disastrous past with poorly made non-stick pans, becoming a home cook has helped me to validate the ones that are a cut above the rest.

Recently, the HexClad 10 Inch Hybrid Frying Pan has been making its rounds in cookware reviews. Top Hollywood actresses, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry and even master chef Gordon Ramsey all use this particular frying pan. I decided to put it through its paces and find out if it’s worth buying. My first thoughts were much the same as yours. Does it flake when scraped? Is it really okay to use metal utensils in the pan? At the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to make a decision on whether you purchase it or not. In this in-depth review I’ll cover:

  • The performance of the HexClad non-stick pan.
  • Why the hybrid design unique.
  • What I like and dislike.
  • What others are saying.

All that and much more will be discussed so keep reading to find out more.

HexClad 10 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Stay-Cool Handle

Specifications :

  • Model Name : HexClad
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Special Feature: Gas Stovetop, Electric Stovetop and Induction Stovetop Compatible
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 1 Quarts

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Why You Should Trust Us

We spent hours testing

Only time can tell the value of a non-stick pan and we’ve spent months testing the HexClad.

Deep analysis of Amazon

Amazon has a wealth of useful information from real buyers who left their heartfelt reviews about products, both the good and the bad. I did a deep analysis of hundreds of reviews and I’ll reveal my findings later in the article.

How We Tested

I conducted this test to determine the performance of the HexClad on low heat, medium heat and medium to high heat. The pan is hefty so I expected it to heat a little slower than thinner, lighter non-stick pans. I was also interested to find out if the pan was comfortable and easy to manoeuvre when cooking.

What We Tested


Let me just say that a well made pan does not make up for poor cooking skills and a non-stick pan is only effective when there’s a bit of fat in it. I tried sunny side up eggs on the pan, greased with a little butter. The eggs slid out of the pan fairly well, with only a little residue left behind. Some Amazon reviewers did say their eggs stuck to the pan but you have to remember to season the pan as instructed.


Again, the key to your food not sticking is a little fat. I whipped up a batch of pancakes on medium heat and they were perfect browned on both sides. Compared to other pans I’ve tried, it does heat faster despite its weight. Because of the peaks and valleys of the HexClad, the pancakes weren’t super smooth and only had barely noticeable unevenness.

Chicken Breast

I decided to use chicken breasts to determine if the pan heated evenly on medium to high heat but mostly I really wanted to see if it would sear well. The chicken was browned on both sides but I’ve tried other pans that gave a better sear. It wasn’t perfect but it was decent. I put my chicken breasts-along with the pan- in the oven for 10 minutes to finish cooking.

I noticed that there was a little discoloration on the edges from the burnt oil. The user’s manual did state to expect as much but it was still disappointing to see. A damp paper towel cleaned most of the burnt bits and grease but it took a bit of scrubbing with a steel wool to get the discoloration off.


I stir fried the vegetables and let them sit a little longer than I would if I was using a stainless steel pan. I must say this 10 inch pan is great for sweating your vegetables or giving them a nice caramelization. The pan heats evenly and the weighted lid is worked great for sealing the steam in.

Sentimental Analysis of Amazon Reviews

Below is a graph showing the number of positive versus negative reviews of the HexClad Frying Pan

When I was analysing these reviews I steered clear of anything too vague as those wouldn’t be helpful to you.

  • 5% of the customers left bad reviews that were mainly about the how food stuck to the pan. Other reviewers stated that the pan would burn and warp on high heat.
  • 3% gave 2 stars and another 3% gave 3 starts. The reviews were pretty much the same as the 1 star reviews. Their main pain points were the pricing and the terrible sticking they experienced.
  • A whopping 77% of the customers gave the HexClad frying pan a 5 star rating and 11% rated it 4 stars. A lot of these reviews were very detailed. Most comments argued that the pan needed to be seasoned and greased before use. Some people even suggested to offer tje pan as a wedding gift! There were that satisfied with their purchase.


The Hexclad is embellished with hexagon shaped marks that lend to its unique design.  These not only look fancy but they have a highly innovative function that gives Hexclad an advantage over other non-stick brands.

HexClad’s three-ply pans, which are made of stainless steel, magnetic stainless steel (for magnetic induction stovetops), and aluminium, have fully captivated me. The hybrid design is  finished with laser etchings and diamond (carbon) dust, making it almost indestructible, (or so they say).


HexClad guarantees that the outside of the pan is non-stick. Since the entirety of the pan has the same unique design that wasn’t hard to guess.  I was Despite the pan’s 2 pound weight, it felt comfortable in my hand and had the added benefit of not heating too quickly.


Here’s a debunked myth, scraping a non-stick pan with a metal spatula will render it useless. While it might seem unsightly, the pan will perform fine. In the case of the HexClad, I tried scratching the interior with my trusty metal spatula after I saw a video of Daniel Winer, HexClad’s CEO, doing the same. It didn’t scratch! I then tried the metal hand mixer on full power (quite risky for a pan we paid over $100 for) and it still did not scratch.

The hexagon design really proved to be more than a decorative effort or marketing hoax. I love a pan with flared edges and this one did not disappoint. It made it super easy to flip the eggs and pancakes with a spatula when I conducted the cooking test.


If you’re always in the kitchen like I am, you expect a burn or two from hot handles. I was overjoyed to find that HexClad’s claim to the “stay cool handle” rang true. The handle is riveted to the pan instead of bonded like most non-stick frying pans. That and the wide, A shaped space between the handle and the pan actually reduces the transfer of heat. I wasn’t burnt once. I was also able to move the pan from stove to oven without protection.


Let me just say that I find it insane that HexClad sells the lid separately. The lid is both oven safe and dishwasher safe. I used it when I did the vegetables cooking test and it stayed cool to the touch. I wouldn’t recommend putting the lid in the oven at temperatures above 300 degrees.


I recommend you use avocado oil or any other oil that has a high smoke point to grease your pan. As I mentioned, following the specific instructions of the manual will give you the best results with your HexClad. Below are the key factors I used to rate the HexClad frying pan.

A slick, flat surface 8/10

A slick, flat surface is extremely important for heat distribution and to prevent food from sliding to one side or opposite sides of the pan. The HexClad is as slick and flat as they come.

 Even heat distribution 8/10

It’s well known that stainless steel tri-ply,  (aluminium sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel) like HexClad has, is perfect for heat distribution and for use on induction cooktops. I noticed the HexClad did exceptionally well when I completed the eggs and pancakes cooking tests. The pan seems to perform better on low and medium heat, rather than high heat that is needed for more complex cooking like salmon, steak and chicken breast.

Shape and comfort 10/10

I love the curved handle of the pan. Surprisingly it can fit perfectly in 3 different hand sizes with effortless manoeuvrability. Not many pans do that.  I can’t say it enough how effortless it felt to lift the pan and flip my eggs without worrying about my wrist feeling strained.

Price and longevity 4/10

Based on my research of reviews, a lot of people take issue with the HexClad’s pricing. It costs $109 on Amazon and $149 if you want the lid with the pan.  Other authorized retailers may have it for more or less. All non-stick coatings do wear off so it is hefty investment for a frying pan that you will have to replace in a few years.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s the durability of the HexClad frying pan. The pan is just over 2 pounds and a heavier pan means a thicker layer of non-stick coating. For care, you can use metal utensils, use it in the oven and just throw it in the dishwasher once you’re done.


Clearly, the HexClad is a decent non-stick frying pan but it does have drawbacks.

  • Price – The HexClad is by far one of the most expensive non-stick pans out there. The patented hybrid technology could be used to justify the price and it does have an amazing design but to sell the pan separate from the lid really irks me. (As well as others who have purchased it)
  • Discoloration – As easy as the pan is to clean, I really don’t like that it discolours. You will have to scrub with an abrasive cleaning pad or run the pan through your dishwasher until the discoloration is removed.
  • Low Reputation – Gordon Ramsey swears by the HexClad but in truth, it’s a fairly new brand with big claims. The brand has been around since 2018 while other non-stick brands like Calphalon have become somewhat of a household name. Time will reveal if the HexClad can last many years with it’s hybrid technology.
  • PTFE-based non-stick has to be replaced every few years as they wear down. So far HexClad’s claim that its tri-ply technology protects the pan in the oven dishwasher, and from metal utensils has been proven. However, it is still a non-stick pan and for over $100 I think it’s safer to use like other non-stick pans.


The Blue Diamond pan is among the cheapest in the industry and one of the most durable. I’ve tested the pan for over a year and its diamond infused non-stick never got a scratch. Like the HexClad, I used metal utensils while conducting over 100 cooking tests and the pain remains in great condition.

The Blue Diamond Pan is oven safe up to 850°F and that’s hard to beat. Like the HexClad, the Blue Diamond Frying Pan has a lifetime warranty and it’s one of the most cost effective yet sturdy pans out there. The Blue Diamond frying pan comes in a set of 2 for just $39 on Amazon.

Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 8" Frying Pan

Specifications :

  • Model Name : Blue Diamond
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Special Feature: Electric Stovetop Compatible
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 5 Quarts

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Calphalon has been a household name for decades—five to be exact—and is known for producing high-quality cookware. The Calphalon frying pan has a tempered glass top and is composed of hard-anodized aluminium with a brushed stainless steel handle.

The pan and its cover can both be washed in the dishwasher. It’s also simple to wash by hand because food doesn’t stick to the surface.

This Calphalon frying pan warms up quickly and evenly throughout the cooking process. It’s also oven-safe up to 500°F; the lid is oven-safe up to 450°F.

Calphalon Classic Aluminum Hard Anodized Oven Safe Nonstick 2 Piece Frying Pan

Specifications :

  • Model Name : Calphalon
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Special Feature: Compatible with gas, electric, glass, and halogen stovetops
  • Color:Black

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The Anolon Frying Pan’s is a bit on the heavy side and its hard anodized aluminium layer are ideal for all cooking needs. Heat is distributed more evenly with heavy when the pan is heavy as a lighter pan might have more hotspots.

The product does not warp or dent at high temperatures, and the non-stick surface will last for years. The pan is constructed with a high-quality 3-layer non-stick coating, which reduces the likelihood of food sticking to the pan (once seasoned and used as per instructions).

Anolon, like most brands, claims that you can use their cookware without adding any fat. For the best results, use fat in your cooking.

Anolon 87538 Smart Stack Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan

Specifications :

  • Model Name : Anolon
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Special Feature: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Induction Stovetop Compatible
  • Color: Black

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HexClad FAQ

Will this work with a magnetic induction stovetop?

  • Yes, the pan is compatible with an induction stovetop.

Is this a safe non-stick option?

  • Definitely. Hexclad is free from harmful PFOA, cadmium, or lead. It does, however, contain PTFE, which is commonly used in medical contexts, including permanent and temporary medical devices implanted in the human body, and is thus perfectly safe.

Is Hexclad Induction Compatible?

  • Yes: all Hexclad cookware is induction compatible.

How deep is the 10 inch HexClad frying pan?

  • HexClad’s 10″ hybrid pan has a depth of 1-3/4″.

Does the handle have a lip to hang on a rack?

  • Yes! If you prefer to hang-dry the pan, all HexClad cookware has a lip in the handle.

Bottom Line

HexClad’s non-stick frying pan didn’t live up to all the brand claimed but I must admit it is a great piece of cookware. The design of the pan is truly sophisticated with its it’s patented hexagon lattice and metal friendly surface. If you’re someone who wants to be in and out of the kitchen as fast as humanly possible then you would like this pan, if you don’t mind the hefty expenditure.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this frying pan to the chef who wants a perfect sear on their steak and a long lifespan for the non-stick coating. There are plenty other brands out there that can match the performance of the HexClad (like the competition I mentioned) and will cost less.

HexClad 10 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Stay-Cool Handle

Specifications :

  • Model Name : HexClad
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Special Feature: Gas Stovetop, Electric Stovetop and Induction Stovetop Compatible
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 1 Quarts

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