How Our Recipes are Developed

Simply Fresh Dinners provide recipes for nutritious meals that are delicious and easy to prepare. We are continually aiming to ensure that our recipes are balanced and versatile.

How We Test Our Recipes

  1. We formulate ideas as well as explore users’ suggestions;
  2. We calculate the nutritional value of the recipe;
  3. We shop for ingredients in regular grocery stores;
  4. We test the recipe;
  5. Each recipe is reviewed by a registered nutritionist;
  6. If the recipe is approved, it is published on Simply Fresh Dinners;

At Simply Fresh Dinners, we start with a list of ideas for recipes every 1-3 months. These ideas are sourced from members of our team as well as suggestions from our readers. These ideas are reviewed and finalized to be approved as actual recipes listed on our website. After the recipes have been approved, our team list the ingredients, cooking method, estimated preparation time, and serving size for each meal.

Before the recipes can be published on our site, the team calculates each recipe’s nutritional value. These calculations are performed using apps, statistics, and software from credited sources, including the FDA and the USDA. After the recipes are examined, adjustments are made where necessary. These adjustments usually include selecting a healthier cooking method, reducing the serving size, and substituting a specific ingredient for a healthier option.

While an ingredient may be replaced or substituted, ingredients that can blend with or enhance the recipe may also be added. However, before doing so, the recipe has to go through another review and then finalized. Adding ingredients mainly depends on seasonal availability and trends or example, adding fruits, vegetables, or nuts to a seafood or poultry dish.

Once the recipe is finalized, a shopping list is created, and the items are purchased at our regular grocery store. It is also important to note that all ingredients on our shopping list are available at the grocery stores before the trip is made.

After the ingredients have been purchased, the recipe enters the testing stage. While our team, led by our chef, starts the prepping and cooking process, other team members are uniquely positioned to make observations and take notes on the meal’s cooking process. These members are also responsible for recording the time taken for the meal preparation.

All notes and comments are recorded and analyzed to provide accurate and necessary additional information to our readers when selecting the recipe. The chef indicates when he/she is ready for the meal to be tested and presented. Before the chef can decide whether the meal is complete and satisfactory or unsatisfactory, all team members have to agree on the taste and presentation. The cooking process will cause the meal to lose some of its nutritional value, so the nutritional value is once again calculated to ensure the accuracy of the recorded and provided information.

After the meal is tested, the nutritionist reviews the recipe to ensure that the Nutritional Guidelines were followed. If the nutritionist makes notations that require adjustments, the recipe is modified to include the adjustment and then goes through another testing process. Once the recipe is again reviewed then approved, it is published within its appropriate category.


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