How Our Buying Guides And Reviews Are Developed

Some of us may enjoy cooking while some of us may not, but the one thing all of us enjoy is when we buy great products, and they work as advertised. The advancement and improvement of technology have been the primary source of our comfort in our homes, work, and general daily lives. Therefore, we expect to work well to make cooking more efficient and possibly enjoyable the kitchen equipment and tools that we purchase.

Also, the improved standard at which we use general items in our daily activities has made life easier for consumers and has enabled us to make better decisions while shopping. Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we have bought equipment or tools that were brilliantly advertised, but once we start using it, we see it for what it is, complete junk and a waste of hard-earned cash! Well, where there is a problem, there is always an opportunity to think outside of the box and create a solution. Our product review articles have been tailored and structured to offer consumers a well needed and well-deserving opportunity to have a good look and feel of what they are thinking of purchasing. Before consumers check out of their preferred online store or select “make payment,” they have the opportunity to receive a wholesome idea of precisely what they are purchasing.

Also, we want consumers to know that they can trust our unbiased feedback as we are not paid by or affiliated with any manufacturer. A large percentage of data employed to compile our findings to publish our reviews is sourced from honest consumer reviews; these consumers have been verified to have bought and tested the products we have reviewed. However, while honest customer reviews are essential, many other vital aspects go into compiling our reviews. Here is an in-depth look into what is involved.

Detailed Research

Before purchasing a product, we believe it is crucial to conduct some research to ensure that cash is transferred and quality by providing information. One of the critical sources of the information provided to consumers that enable consumers to make the best-educated decision is based on a buying guide. A buying guide is an essential tool that offers customers the opportunity to make a more practical decision when purchasing. The buying guide is compiled with the necessary information that will educate and also influence the buyer. This information includes:

  • Price
  • Features, functions, and general aspect of the product
  • Health, safety regulations, and certificates
  • Negative and positive findings of the product.

These main points are the basis of the research that is conducted and the data collected. From these main points, the findings will provide the buyers with information such as the best possible time to purchase products to get the prices. The report helps the buyer decide if a product is safe for their household and can compare other products to determine if they are receiving actual value for their money.

Setting the Criteria

Following the research completion, a set of criteria is formulated, which is always done to assist clients and make lives more comfortable. The criteria’ structure may vary depending on the product; however, the responsibility is ever taken to ensure that the necessary information is always provided to educate and assist the buyer in making the best decision.

The usual outline of the criteria includes:

  • Price
  • Certifications
  • Specification
  • Analysis of how easy the product is to use, install, or the setup.
  • General features (design, safety, spare parts/accessories)

The Product Selection Process

After the initial research process and setting the products’ criteria, a team chooses an average of 3-5 products per category. These products are selected from intense research of effects on well-known commercial websites and pages. Initially, a list of the ideal products is made from the list of best-selling products seen on these commercial websites. This initial list goes through a selection/elimination process until the best 3-5 products are chosen per category. Each product that is on our list has to meet specific requirements whether or not they have the latest technology or not. The requirements are as follows:

  • Product Experience

Apart from receiving good customer reviews that specifically highlight the product’s quality and performance, the product must have been on the market for at least 6–9 months. Specific negative reviews that speak on safety issues will result in the product being eliminated and replaced with a more suitable product. Another reason for product elimination is a large percentage of customer reviews showing dissatisfaction about the difficulty when using the product and unclear instructions for use and installation.

  • Specifications

Several steps are taken to ensure that the products that we have selected have met the set criteria for specifications. These steps include comparing and cross-checking product specifications from multiple sources to verify that we have accurate information. A few sources from which we can cross-reference our data with our retailer’s and manufacturer’s websites, Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, and user manuals and guides

  • Customer Service

We have seen numerous complaints from customer reviews regarding poor customer service and the extremely short warranty plan. We ensure that any product selected must be manufactured by a company with an excellent and competitive warranty plan. We believe that lengthy warranty plans are a clear indication that a company is confident in the quality of its product. We also specifically look out for and highlight those companies that are known for excellent customer service. We then compare the products on the semi-final list and select the most well-rounded functionality, price, and user experience.

  • In-house testing

The most important source of our product reviews comes from testing. We may test some products in-house in our test kitchen if we may have reasons to doubt the product’s quality. While the products go through months of the testing process, they are tested and analyzed in every aspect that would affect the consumer’s life after purchasing the product.

To efficiently carry out the testing process, we ensure that we use this product in many similar ways that the average consumer would. To ensure that we write the most informed, accurate, and well-balanced review, we purchase the products with the attachments and accessories and test them over an extended period of weeks or months to determine whether or not the product is a sensible buy. We never accept anything for free from manufacturers to ensure that we remain transparent and avoid a conflict of interest.

We also assist you in being able to visualize the product realistically. Our in-house testers are also responsible for taking photos from every possible angle so you can get a good feel and view of what it will look like in your home. Importantly, testers are provided with a grading system, where they grade different categories of products based on the specific features, pros, and cons of the product. This grading system is explicitly categorized for each product so that a genuine and well-balanced review can be published.

The Review

Finally, any review that we have published is professionally constructed based upon the writer’s professional experience or the expertise of the individuals who have tested the product. Our published reviews are compiled from detailed research, and numerous unbiased verified customer reviews. We also pride our reviews on being honest, accurate, and helpful/productive. An excellent and fair review may not be wholly positive, but it should be balanced and must include the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Also, once a product efficiently provides a solution to a problem or adds comfort to an environment, it should be highlighted. User reviews are essential and should be used as sources of information when writing the reviews, mostly if they speak about how easy it is to use, clean and maintain, and install, assemble and disassemble. Other factors included in customer reviews should be mentioned any common complaints, especially manufacturing issues, and how pleased they are with the product.

Once a review article has been written, any of our experienced internal editors review it before publication. An external editor is then examined who is also experienced in household equipment and improvement if it is approved. The articles are thoroughly checked and reviewed for authenticity; once approved and fully processed, it is published.

Products’ list update

To ensure that we are continually highlighting the best and most efficient products, we regularly update our products’ list. We may add or remove a product from our list. Most importantly, we recognize that after a product has been tested for months and reviewed by our team, it can begin to malfunction, or different parts may become loose.

Therefore, it is vital for us to regularly update our products and encourage consumers to share their experiences with our readers. Please read our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for more information about the user’s review process before submitting a review. If you’d like to report a safety problem with your product, please fill out this form.