User Agreement


If any information is conveyed to the Site you then grant  “Simply Fresh Dinners” an irreplaceable, universal, continuous, worldwide, unhindered, royalty-free license (with sublicense right) to utilize, duplicate, dispense, display publicly, perform openly, recreate works from, edit, modify, include one or more compilations and replicate and dispense such compilations, otherwise make use of such communications, along with any personal information given out with your communications (including; name, user name and photograph), in every design and in all media currently known or developed in the latter.

You confirm that any communications done to or by way of any Site Tool are open and you have the expectation of privacy in any such arrangement. No classified, trustee, contractually implied or any relationship created otherwise, between you and “Simply Fresh Dinners” by reason of your releasing any communication to any Site Tool. “Simply Fresh Dinners” reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor the Site Tools and edit, change or omit any Communications (or portions thereof) which “Simply Fresh Dinners” in its own foresight deems as inappropriate, offensive or contrary to any “Simply Fresh Dinners” policy, or that oppose these terms and conditions.

You consent to not upload or give out to, or otherwise broadcast through the Site or the Site Tools, any Communication which

(i) is for money-oriented purposes or advertises or requests for sale of both goods and services.
(ii) is lewd, inappropriate, abusive or menacing, sexually explicit, pornographic, profane,
(iii) establish misconceptions of origin or facts from statements.
(iv) defame, breach, depreciate, or otherwise oppose the legal rights of any third party;

(v) lead to injury of any type to anyone or an establishment.
(vi) Imposes or violates the rational property rights (including license, copyright, and trademark rights), promise agreement, classified information, privacy or publicity rights or otherwise rights of any third party;

(vii) Infringe on any applicable law and rules or regulations.

(viii) consists of software viruses or any other malevolent code created to break in, demolish or disable the functions of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; or

(ix)  Mimic person or entity, or that gathers or utilizes any information about Site visitors.

In respect to your behaviour while openly posting a review or utilizing any review tool; you agree not to:
(i) conceal the origin of any content conveyed.
(ii) Perform in a manner that creates negative reactions affecting other users ability to utilize the Site;
(iii) characterize any person or organization, consisting, unlimited, manufacturer and moderator or owner of a product, whether falsely stated or misrepresent your connection with person or organization.
(iv) post or upload or otherwise transmit any content that:

– is irrelevant to the product, service, person or organization being assessed or appraised;

– You do not have the right under any law to transfer contractual or precautionary relationships (such as, however not limited to, materials that are copyrighted, inside information, restricted information, instructed or disclosed as part of relationships based on employment or under nondisclosure agreements), or

– is unsought or unsanctioned advertising, marketing material, “pyramid schemes”, “junk mail,” or “spam,” “chain letters,”  or any other form of appeal.

Furthermore, based on the grant of rights outlined above, by transferring any reviews to the Site, you hereby grant “Simply Fresh Dinners” the right to utilize on the Site the identifier, user name, or any section thereof, as well as any photograph rendered or otherwise transferred in connection with any such reviews, if “Simply Fresh Dinners” so desires.

Additionally, you further show and warrant that (i) reviews transferred by you are either unique to you, or every third party rights have been completely cleared to be utilized as intended by this Agreement. (ii) Such reviews do and will in no way oppose or defy any of this Agreement, and (iii) “Simply Fresh Dinners” shall under no circumstance be expected to pay or attract any sums to any individual or organization as a result of its reviews utilized for exploitation.
“Simply Fresh Dinners” may or may not take any action in regards to Reviews submitted to the Site inclusive of but not limited to editing, changing, omitting, rejecting or refusing to publicly show reviews without notice and at “Simply Fresh Dinners” sole discretion. “Simply Fresh Dinners” may at times utilize your username, geographical location or other indicators to gain authorship or Communications to you. “Simply Fresh Dinners” has the right to report any information garnered from reviews to applicable government agencies in connection with any consumer safety and associated concerns.

By this means, you waive all rights generally known as “moral rights” in your relations (inclusive of your stories, ratings, Reviews and test results), based on the extent on which they can be waived, under existing or future law of any jurisdiction. If it is seen where you maintain “moral rights” (that is, rights of attribution or integrity) in Communications, you then agree that (i) you do not claim that any personally identified information be utilized in relation with the Communications; (ii) you have no disagreement in regards to  the publication, exploitation, use of the Communications on the Site in every aspect and media and all manners, entailing but not limited to, commercializing, social media, marketing materials, and any other tangible or digital form; and (iii) you never hold “Simply Fresh Dinners” reliable of its licensees and its successors and assigns, of any claims that you may assert against them by way of any such uses, inclusive of any claims for moral rights.

“Simply Fresh Dinners” has the right to (i) screen Communications for mishaps, vulgarity, indecency, relevancy, and possible violation of third-party individual or proprietary rights (including, violation of intellectual property rights, defamation, etc.); (ii) change, edit, discard or disallow access to any content that opposes these provisions or that “Simply Fresh Dinners” sees as disagreeable; and (iii)explore any misuse of any Review Tool, or  its systems, inclusive of network or equipment. Notwithstanding any limitation of the foregoing, “Simply Fresh Dinners” has the right to announce any activity or individuals (inclusive of any appropriate user information disclosed) to applicable law enforcement officials, regulators or other applicable third parties that “Simply Fresh Dinners”  detects in regards to any violation of the law or regulation. Simply Fresh Dinners” may, however, collaborate with applicable law enforcement agencies in order to aid in the investigation and prosecution in regards to any illegal conduct.

Information Rendered

You accept that any dependence on any advice, belief, declaration, or any other information highlighted or given out through the Site, inclusive of the Communications, is solely at your risk. “Simply Fresh Dinners” maintains the right, with its foresight and without prior notice, to provide any correction to any errors or omissions in any section of the Site, or to repudiate any access to the Site to any individual acting in opposition to these terms and conditions at any given time. You also acknowledge and agree that “Simply Fresh Dinners” is by no means responsible for any materials highlighted by users of the Site. Before purchasing any third –party products or services outlined on the Site, you are urged to ensure verification of pricing and other information. Neither “Simply Fresh Dinners” nor its Affiliates shall be held liable arising from purchases made by you, of third–party goods or services based on the information acquired on the Site.